Sunday, July 6, 2014

well hello family!
Sounds like things have been fairly normal this past week, I'M SO HAPPY I WAS IN VIRGINIA INSTEAD OF HOME CLEANING OUT THAT BLASTED CONDO.  Sister Pew and I just shared a nice laugh as I recounted to her of all the conodos you bought and made us fix up.  it's a love/hate relationship with those memories.  hmmm well my week was like way COOL.
Cooler than most weeks i've had here... I was able to teach the lessons a lot more this week than usual.  Which is something I really pray for.  I was thinking this morning about how I decided to come on this mission, and through my obedience and diligence Heavenly Father really will bless me and Sister Pew with MANY opportunities throughout our week to share the message that we left home for 18 months to share.  It's almost like I can expect that.... you know, not in a weird way, but I literally can have so much faith that I can expect Heavenly Father to give me opportunities to do what I am here to do.  
I liked that thought.  I can literally see my faith growing being out here.  It's the weirdest thing.  I don't even know how I considered my testimony strong before I came out here.  I feel like even though I've only been here for (almost) 4 months, I have really come to understand the gospel in a way I NEVER have.  I know what the restoration is and why it happened and why we absolutely needed all these truths to be not reformed, but RESTORED.  And I don't know I just feel like I see the gospel in such a different light and people in general in such a different way and when i look at my mission like that, ya know just noticing the ways i'm changing and the person I am and the people i can truly help and love and all that other just kinda doesn't make it so hard.
ANYWAY ew i just went off on a missionary tangent.  I am becoming THAT missionary.  hahaha NO I WOULD NEVER LET THAT HAPPEN.
Anyway so yeah this week was cool because while we were tracting PEOPLE ACTUALLY LISTENED A COUPLE TIMES so i was just sooooo happy.  We had 3 other lessons that way so I was just a happy camper.  It's funny to listen to what other people have to say when they see me and sister pew at their door.  Very common thing is they just start bashing and I'm like woah dude #1 I don't know jack squat (so I let sister pew do the talking) #2 I just think bashing IS SO DUMB so i prefer to leave the situation as ASAP as possible but sometimes it kinda leads into good stuff (like teaching opportunities) so I'm trying to be better.  I gotta form myself to they these people need to be taught not the way I like to teach.  Ya feel me?  
Anywee.  Things are picking up here.  Like the members are a lot more involved in the work and it is just peachy.  OUR ZONE NEVER GETS BAPTISMS AND I WANNA CHANGE THAT SOSOSOSOSOOSOSOOS BAD.
One of our lessons was with Marcellius and this crazy old lady we get to drive us around.  We taught the gospel of jesus christ and I literally found myself trying to direct the conversation from ouigi boards (i don't know how to spell that.  like wigi boards ya know) back to baptism.  Its was a so hilariously terrible.  But the lesson actually went really well, just a few moments where it started to drift and when I say drift I mean we were on a whole different continent.
Sister Pew and I taught Gospel Principles class yesterday which is such a delightful experience.  I LOVE THAT CLASS i think i might go to it for the rest of my life.  I never even knew it existed until my mission.
Anways....things are great here and I'm just learning to love life.  It's a different kind of love but IT'S ACTUALLY STARTING TO HAPPEN so there's hope.  
Mom that's cool you talked to Brenda!! Is Aria in Bolivia or where ever she's going yet?  I was thinking about her the other day.  Send her all my luv.
love all you people and have a great week.  I will work my * off and you work yours off too and it'll just be fun.

Oh and MOTHER DEAR thanks for sending the creams!  I got em and my face i already looking better.  praise the lord.

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