Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hello hello peeps!  
So sounds like Haden had a great day turning six-freakin-teen years old!  Still can't wrap my brain around that but WHATEV.  
So I got to thinking this week and I am PISSED that I can't go to G&G VO's anniversary party cause it's not all too often the freakin VO clan all gets together!  All I have to say about that is that I will write a speech that you can read so I can be there in spirit and word.  hehe kinda like the savior JUST KIDDING that was too far.
Soo school is done for the 2 hooligans.  What a blessed day.  I bet cole and mom are just having the greatest bonding time ever.  How special.  I bet you do a lot of walking to the park and to the good pizza place where cole can get his favorite garlic bread.  WOWWW sounds like a treat.
AND DOUBLE WOW that dad pulled through and got the Lionel Richie tix.  DANG i bet that was sweeeet and I can just see it now mom loosing her mind as he sings dancing on the ceiling.  That is so cool you got to see him!
Haven't heard from Mason since I left on my mission, I was wondering if he was still alive?  Or if they cut out his brain in one of his labs.  I mean we really would never know if mason died or something, he doesn't talk to anyone enough.  Except Kevin.  Maybe Kevin would inform you.  Maybe he ran off and eloped with my MTC teacher sister paravato.  She totally had the hots for him.
My friends are all moving on with their lives without me, Bailee is FREAKING ENGAGED to chase and I am weirded out.  My friends are getting MARRIED. ew.
ANOTHER SOMETHING I NEED TO BRING UP is that DAD is turning 49 this week WOW you guys are getting OLD.  Something else i was thinking about is that i will not be home when mom and dad turn 50!  HALF A CENTURY. how does that feel huh?  hahaha well dad i hope you have a gReAt birthday.  You can take the family out to dinner on you and maybe they'll even buy you some video games for Haden and Cole to play.  JUST KIDDING really have a great birthday dad.  I love you.  And a happy father's day!  Dang just killing two birds with one stone this week!  You guys will be partying like rock starz all week long!
So none of my friends wrote me this week so this email will be long cause I have a lot of time.  Take a deep breath everyone.
My week was REDONK so good.
We hit our all-time high of member present lessons this week so i'm just feelin like a freakin BOSS.  haha but more importantly we had some serious spirit packed lessons and they were just blessed experiences.
Okay so on thursday sister pew and I went on exchanges with the sister training leaders again and this time i stayed in Manchester.  So we go back to our second appointment with this guy who is a pastor from the church of christ.  IDK if i've told you about him.  But our first lesson with him and his wife went really well, he was very respectful and actually quite open.  So we set up a second appointment that happened on thursday after we exchanged so it was me and the STL and our laurel, and HE WAS JUST A (censored) rude dude.  He kept telling us that we don't worship the same god that is in the old and new testament because the book of mormon is so not in conjunction with the bible, so we worship some weird god who doesn't exist blah blah blah!!!  Oh now it makes me heated but at the time i was very calm and we just did the only thing we can do which is testify of the book of mormon and other truths we know.  The craziest thing was he went OFF about how eternal marriage is not real and he looks right at his wife and goes something like, "honey, i love you so much and i would love nothing more than to be with you forever, but that will never happen!  That is not how it goes!"  OH MY GOSH I almost fell out of my chair I felt so bad for his wife!!!!!!!!!  If my husband looked right at me and said that I would just DIE!  He said our doctrines were "nice to hear" but so wrong!  OH WOW it was just something else let me tell you.  What was cool was after we left I just felt so much peace because I know what I know.  And i'm sad for him that he is so closed off to the truth.  Someday pastor danny, someday.
One more COOL story.  So fast forward to Friday.  Me and the STL plan a lesson with Marcellius and ALL FREAKING DAY i am calling the entire ward (which is my worst nightmare.  I hate with a capital HATE talking on the phone with people and I just could crawl into a hole and die all the time because half my job is harrassing people via telephone call) to see if someone could please let us come over for the lesson and FINALLY somebody says yes.  So sister pew gets back at 5 and we met this lady who needed help with her yard so we go over there for an hour or so then we get back to the appt at like 6:20 and wolf down some cereal and change and we rush over to the member's house and I was just a basket case because we didn't even have time to go over the lesson together.  Like the only thing sister pew knew was that the lesson was on the priesthood.  SO I WAS A DISASTER.  Before we left i just said a quick prayer and told heavenly father that we weren't as prepared as we should be, but I asked him to please make up the difference.
The lesson was REDONK ya know when the spirit is so strong you literally feel like you're choking?  That's exactly how it was.  The member's were just throwing down and it was just SO COOL and if that wasn't enough, the guy gives Marcellius the dopest priesthood blessing i've ever heard and OH MY GOSH it was like the coolest night of my mission.
We also had zone conference this week.  Dad i was wondering something.  have your missionaries ever read these things called case studies?  One is about working with members and one is about homework assignments.  Our mission pres gave them to us.  I was wondering if they had them, because they really are so helpful.  If they don't, i can make some copies and send them to you.  They inspire me, so maybe it'd inspire them.
I just had a great week guys ahhhh!  I am actually adjusting to being a missionary finally.  I feel like i finally kinda know what I'm doing.  AND IT IS JUST THE GREATEST FEELING to not feel sooooo weird all the time.
I also had to give the prayer in sacrament meeting yesterday and almost shat myself.  But i did it and survived.  Praise the lord.
Okay well i think that's all.  I don't really know what else to say.  I am alive and breathing most of the time.  Have a great week everyone!

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