Sunday, July 6, 2014

mom are you the master of picture sending or WHAT?  WOW am I impressed.   
So to answer your questions YES I FEEL THE HUMIDITY and YES I sweat so much it is absolutely repulsive.  I haven't felt the brunt of it yet, we have really bad days where it's super humid and 95 degrees but then it'll cool off.  I don't know what I am going to do when It's like that errrrrrryday.  I will just die.  Literally.  Tracting and the heat don't really get along right now but I'll just have to start feeling the love for that stuff.
And Dad yes the bugs are starting to eat me alive.  It's because I have sweet blood from all the dunkin donuts i eat.  the other day we had a horse fly inside our appt and I took on the role of murdering the freaking thing.  We don't have a fly swatter so i put my boots on my hands and just went ape.  It was great.
Yeah I had to LOL in that pic the lady in my ward sent you cause she totally caught me biting my finger hair and I just knew I would not hear the end of it for that one.
That is SWEEEEET that you got to take the boat out.  I am way jealous.  Did dirt marry that girl he kept breaking up with?  That's crazy that dirt and chris are gonna be married men.  Mason needs to pick it up.  He's way cuter than them.
Well my world turned upside down this week when I realized HADEN is turning SIXTEEN years old.  I feel like I'm still 16.  It is just altering my universe.  ANYWAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HADE!  Kiss a girl that night cause now you're home free to do all that crap.  
G&G VO will have been married 65 freaking years?!  WHAT that is so long.  And they are just still little cuties in love.  That'll be a grand old fam damily reunion!  Good ol madea style.
Dang it was like a high school reunion for you guys in stg this weekend!  Isn't that nuts about Hannah!  Oh my gosh I'm so pumped she's going now I won't be the lone wolf out of all my friends.  she has forever and a day to wait though, she said she doesn't leave till the end of october.  
Okay so now I can tell you about my week which won't take very long it's a little mundane in my neck of the woods.  We tracted lots this week and got to teach to a couple new people.  We also had a lesson with one of our investigators, Marcellius, at this old couple in our ward's house.  It was funny. We were talking to Marcellius about what Jesus Christ expects of him and we read 2 Nephi 9.  Out of nowhere brother mccourt goes OFF for about 5 minutes about garments and temple ordinances and the markings on our G's and I was like WOAH dawg back up the truck!  Marcellius was just staring at him like... what?  Oh my gosh me sister pew shared a great laugh about that one.  But the lesson really did go well, I just thought that was so funny.
I know I haven't seen a lot of people with progression on my mish so far and I hope you guys know that while that does make me sad, I do know the Lord is behind our work and that people are going to start progressing.  I have ZERO doubt and know of a surety that if I work as hard as i possibly can Heavenly Father really will help us find those who are prepared and people will progress.
We had a baptism in our district this past week so I mean the work really is hastening!  
Dad when it comes to help the ward being finders i'm at a little bit of blank.  It's hard to motivate people to do missionary work.  On of the missionaries in our mission asked Elder Bednar this exact question and he said to stop hounding them, when they're converted, missionary work will come naturally.
All we as missionaries can do is create deeper and more trusting relationships with the members and hopefully they will do their part.  In the mean time us missionaries just work our butts off doing those things we can do.
One of our members invited us to a BBQ yesterday at her house that was after her son's baptism and there were some investigators there!  It was sweet to have an opportunity like that.  Super casual, we just got to know them and talked with them about the baptism and stuff.  It's cool because now we can work with that member on setting up appts and we're no longer just two creepy 20 yr old girls calling her all the time to try and come by.
Have a great week all you, and Haden have the freakin BEST BIRTHDAY EVVVVVER cause 16 is just a great time.  Don't crash the car.  Love you dude.

Love all you guys!

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