Wednesday, April 2, 2014

goodness gravy what a week for all of you!  I'm jealous you got to go to STG, love that place.  Mom what a bummer!  ANOTHER one bites the dust.  But it's all good.  Think about it, once they get your meds under control you will be a seizure free woman!  Get through the trying time and soon it'll all be dandy and great.  and at least dad has been with you the last couple times.  That's sure a blessing.
Proud to hear about Haden killin it in yet another week of PV Vball!  keepin rockin it out haden!
Hmmm so i don't really have that many hilarious stories from this week (shocking i know) but I have a kinda cool one!
It involve my gurl michele.
We do this thing where we write down on a piece of paper chapters for them to read and questions for them to answer.  Then they go through the process- pray, read, write, pray, read, revise, pray.  everyone calls it a "homework assignment".  Except i think that's stupid so I call it "questions for you to answer".
anyway, so we gave michele one of those to do.  Had her read Mosiah 2 and answer some questions.  We gave it to her like a week and a half ago so i was losing hope in her doing it.  But we went over on wednesday i think and lo and behold-
and her eyes. her eyyyyes.  You could see a change.
she was like "at first i didn't understand it.  but then i prayed and read again, and i understood!" 
Music to my ears.
ohhhh my gosh.  bein on a mish, you just live for those moments.
I think giving out these assignments is really cool because instead of asking the investigator to "read and pray" we give them a specific thing for them to do, and if they realllllly do it, guaranteed to feel the spirit.
anyway, i about died when she said she did it.  I'd never really experienced someone keeping a commitment before (poor me) ha but it really was just awesome.  Something i'll never forget.
So sad day sister newell is leaving for nauvoo on April 10th and that's in like the middle of a transfer so most likely I'll be getting a new companion tomorrow.  ew.
mission people are so weird and they say i'm getting a "step mom" cause your trainer is considered "your mom".
so stupid.
but anyway, i'm getting a new trainer tomorrow most likely so it'll be me, sister newell, and some crazy lady.  Weird we'll be in a trio for like 2 weeks!  We'll see how it goes.....
DAD please don't die in mexico by the way.  Try to stay safe.  I'll pray for you.
hmmmm i don't know what else to tell ya we have a few new investigators here and there but no one too golden yet.  But maybe over time they'll become golden.
I'm starting to feel a lot more comfortable in the ward here, and it's starting to get a lot more fun!  I really like this ward, the people are so nice and I just am so happy i'm out of the miserable stage of not knowing anything or anyone, and slowly but surely Manchester is starting to feel a little more like home (kinda) (not home home.  Temporary home.).
Wellllll people try and keep it real this comin week!  I'll work hard here in virginia and start this freaking town ablaze with member present lessons so yeah.  (long story.  our ZONE had 3 member presents last week.  sister newell and i plan to double that ourselves.  just wait.  you'll see.)
love you lots and lots!
oh and shocking news about mason, mom. That kid has gotta slow down.  I can't keep up with him.  Also i was thinking and around august is when mason needs to have at least met his future wife so then they can have a year to date, get engaged and plan the wedding and then i'll come home and he can get married.  it's full proof.
mom thanks for taking care of all that stuff for me, you da best.  dad, just keep swimming (and running and biking).  
tell cole i got his letter and it was great.  I'm so proud of him and his grades.  no F's.  What a scholar.
And mom i also got your letter.  i'll write ya back.
Also mom i'm pretty sure it's your birthday either sunday or monday of next week (i can never remember if it's the 30th of 31st) REGARDLESS, LIVE IT UP YA FREAKIN 49 YEAR OLD you don't look a day over 20.
Talk to ya next week!
hey heyyyy fam!
first order of business DAD IS THE WARD MISSION LEADER oohhhhh boy do I have a shpeal for you.  GET MEMBERS TO LESSONS DAD PLEASE DO IT.  and get those vegas missionaries on a roll.  Baptize summerlin with fire.
this week i got a new companion!  Her name is Sister Pew.  She's 22 and from Mesa and she is the dopest.  like seriously so funny.  she reminds me so much of bree hansen.  I'm so relieved.  I was so nervous I was gonna get a psycho companion.  Praise the Lord i got a good one.
So yes.  It's me and Newell and Pew as a trio until April 10th.  And it's just real real fun.  We have so much fun together and can teach so nicely together it just works.  
*side note* wanted the fam to know that living with girls definitely isn't the easiest pill for abby to swallow.  GIRLS ARE VERRYY SENSITIVE.  It's teaching me to be more sensitive.  Which is annoying.  I don't like being sensitive.  hehe.  but I really feel like we've never had any problems, i just have to swallow my pride and help them when they're down.  I can't just tell them to stop being a boob.  You know what I mean?  going from all boys to all girls is a change but I love em so much.
this week was pretty whatever.  We got one of our less actives Betty Brown to come to the Broadcast on Saturday so I was pumped about that.  We also had some nice lessons with our investigators.... Our investigator Michele fell off the face of the earth so that's pretty sad.  She says she's really sick right now but whatever maybe i'll go break down her door and throw her in the font.
We actually had really good success with tracting this week.  WHICH WAS AMAZING.  We found 3 potentials in one day so that was crazy dope.
Sister Pew is really really awesome at being bold and unafraid and I just love it so much.  She's already taught me so much.
I wanted to tell you all about the coolest thing that happened to me DURING MY STUDIES.  yeah.  Buckle up.
So I have been praying a lot lately to be able to better understand my patriarchal blessing.  I always have treasured it, but I just felt like it didn't really help me or tell me anything I really needed to know.  
So i was studying the other day and I realized my patriarchal blessing talks a lot a lot a lot about different spiritual gifts I have.  
I was studying about spiritual gifts this past week and I just think it's so cool.  I read this talk given by Elder Oaks and it talks about how spiritual gifts are only given and able to start developing after someone is baptized and receives the gift of the holy ghost.
anyway- read the talk.  It's awesomeeee.
So yeah!  And it's also cool because President Parker said in my setting apart blessing that on my mission i would become more aquainted with and be able to develop my spiritual gifts!  SO COOL!
I just can't imagine not coming on this mission and meeting all the people i've met and learning all these things........ I just think everyone should go.  Yeah it sucks.  But it's cool too.
hahaha i mean that in the best way possible.
Mother I hope your birthday was everything you could ever hope for and more. It is on the 30th right?  hahah i always get mixed up