Sunday, July 6, 2014

WOW I need to freak out in my emails more often because I got loads of emails this week.  DANG AM I POPULAR OR WUT.
Okay wow the Van Orden/Erekson (i don't know how to spell KARLY'S other last name oops) calibunga trip 2k14 sounds sweet.  Mason tried to make me jelly but sending me pictures of him cooking lobster.  Mason please tell me you grammed that pic of you.  I will cry if you did.
Okay I know this is old news of last week but that is SWEET that Ashley is engaged to Dy-lan.  That is so awesome for her.
hmmm so sounds like everyone will be enjoying a wonderful week at the beach this fine beginning of july!  PLS get a killer tan.  Mason will get fried like a tomato as usual, and hopefully dad remembered to pack his swim shirt.  And his goggles, and hoefully his SPF 200.  Can you believe it's july?!?!?  Holy crap I feel like these past 5 months have gone by insanely slow but weirdly fast.  
SOoooo my week this week has been lots of adjusting.  I wanted to tell you guys about this SWAGGY lesson we had at church yesterday.
SO during the sacrament I was thinking about the significance of the atonement, and how the scriptures say 'christ suffered so we don't have to".. something to that extent.  And I got to thinking about that and was pondering the thought that yes, christ suffered so we don't have to suffer, and yet in life there is so much suffering, even for the repentant soul.
So we had a combined lesson cause fifth sunday and all that jazz and this lady in our ward told this story about her husband and I wanted to tell it to you guys cause I personally just loved it.
She talked about how after her husband graduated high school, he joined the army, and then was able to soon after start special forces training or something.  I don't really know I'm not army language savy.
He told her about the training they went through in special forces.  Like they would take them out on runs and maybe they'd go three miles out, so they would have to run the three miles back.  As they were finishing the 3 miles back, they pushed themselves because they were getting close to the finish.  Then, they would get to the finish, thinking they were done, and new officers would come out, have them turn around, and they'd start another run again.  Then she posed the question, "How many times have we found ourselves at the gates of the finish, but had to turn back around and go back out and keep running?"
She then related another experience her husband had in one of his training's where they would have all the people tread water basically until they drowned.  When they drowned, they had guards on boats who would pull them out of the water, pump all the water our of their lungs, ask them if they were okay, and throw them back in the water.  
She talked about how they never knew who would give up.  There was a large diversity of people, large and small, who were doing the trainings, but it was always a surprise who gave up.
She related one more analogy.  As little kids, we love to go swimming.  The first thing we do when we see water is we jump in.  Then as we get older, some of us sit on a chair on the side, some of us dangle our feet in, some of us always keep our head above to avoid getting our hair wet, and some swim.
Life is just like all this stuff.  I realized in this lesson yesterday that we are called to suffer because that is what helps us grow.  And that is such an obvious thing, i realize that.  Sometimes in life they pump the water out of our lungs, and then throw us back in the water.  sometimes we think we made it to the end, and we are called to go back out and keep running.
All i know is I wanna swim to the end.  I don't wanna wade my way through the water to the end, or timidly dangle my feet in the waters of life, I wanna jump in and swim all the way to the end.  And I'm pretty sure you all do too.
one thing i really like that she said is the holy ghost is our coach, Christ is our lifeguard, and we have our loved ones cheering for us.
Isn't that just so true!  I hope i did the story justice and i'm not just blabbering nonsense.
It's exactly what i needed to hear and understand.  Life isn't about peaches and roses and bliss, it is those things, but we are also here to grow.  This life really is the time for men to prepare to meet God, and when i get back there and finally see my savior again I want him to look in my eyes and tell me he is proud of me, because I gave this life all I got.  I "swam to the end" no matter the circumstance.
She then challenged us to think about the stories of faith in the scriptures that inspire us.  stories like esther, daniel, the iron rod, david and goliath, the brother of jared, etc.  There are so many stories of people who literally had the water pumped out of the lungs, and then were just thrown back in the water to keep swimming.  So many stories of people showing faith rather than fear or doubt or all that other crap.
So yeah, that's my shpeal for the day.  I hope you all don't sit around and make fun of me for my weird letter today.  I know i probably didn't do the story justice but just bare with me.
Make sure to have a 2 hour longs discussion on the word shat this week.  It's tradition.
I love you all!

oh wow look at all those pictures!!  Sheesh make me CRY RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FREAKING LIBRARY!!!!
But you guys all look so good and mom you are not even fat.  And Drew and Mason both look like they got hipster haircuts. WOW.  Haden looks like he's taller than dad and mason now hahah FINALLY!
Sounds like you guys had a blast this weekend.  How great.  Fun times in good ol STG and cole swaggin on the soccer field... what a dream.
SO FUNNY YOU RAN INTO LAKYN AND WIL AT THEIR WEDDING MOM HAHAHAHAHA!!!!  Jordyn freaking went to the wedding and all my friends emailed me about how weird it was.  Also mason brought amber home?!  I know amber.  Is he in love with her?  Because he always said he thought she was pretty cute.  WOW mason you can't get married until next july.
Glad to hear the blessed 65th anniversary party went smoothly.  And gramps got grandma a ring.  Classic.  
WELL in case you were wondering about me.
I will tell you this week was mos def somethin else.
I mean I knew it was coming haha I have had 2 peaches of companions to begin with.  So my new comp is Sister Stilson- she was in my MTC district.
I DISTINCTLY REMEMBER saying to myself "oh boy.... if ever am comps with her...."  If i could compare her to anyone it would be Stephanie Snow.  Mom, you know what i mean!!!!
Low and behold.  I totally saw it coming.
So this week has been very different than the other weeks of my mission.
She's been with a companion for the past three transfers who was sick apparently so they slept..... a lot a lot a lot of their time away.
I don't know how to handle this at alllllll.
You know I really am trying to be loving and charitable.  I mean... I just need to let go of all the things that annoyed me in the MTC and just love and be christ-like BUT SOMETIMES there are just those people who rub ya not so right.  Like your personalities just don't click.  This is one of those times.
Ya feel me?
But she will get up and run with me and she has really sweet music on her ipod and she's good in lessons.  So there's some positives for all my negative nancy.  
BLAH I can't even do missionary work either.  I have literally hit rock bottom.  I just feel like I can't doooo ittt.  I try and try and NO ONE progresses and I mean it's because I am just not really cut out for this DO YOU KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING?
I just haven't caught that drift that pretty much every other missionary has caught where they are just rockstar teachers and studiers and explainers and spirit bringers and all their investigators progress and the problem is, I DON'T FREAKING KNOW HOW TO CATCH THAT DRIFT!!!
I must have left the pills at home that the first presidency sends out with your call letter that help you be the best missionary ever.
Needless to say my week was just blehg.  If i could throw-up all over my week i would.
I'm sorry that i'm bumming so hard in this letter but i really don't know what to say.
heh you shouldn't put this letter on the blog or let anyone read it cause that's embarrassing.
We had a really good week visiting less actives though.  We got in with a lot of families that i've been trying to get with for a while.  And some of them even came to church so that was just sweet.  We also found some more new investigators so that was such a blessing.  And I'm driving full time now so watch out.
We taught sharing time in primary yesterday and that was really fun.  This past week i've been able to realize how much I love the ward i'm serving in and i'm so grateful for these people who i really have grown to love.
I have been thinking a lot lately about losing yourself in the work and how that really is the thing i need to do BUT I feel like I have been trying to do that for the past 5 months and I really don't know how.  
But on a good note, I started reading Jesus the Christ hahhahaha I cannot understand a word of that book i think it's written in a different language.
Also along the lines of studies- i read this ensign article the other day that talks about the differences of reading, studying, pondering, and feasting.  Feasting upon the scriptures is what brings the fullness of what the scriptures have to offer.  I often feel like i merely read/ponder when in reality i need to be focusing so much more.  Not worrying about how much i read but how much i get out of what i read.
WELP, this is where the line ends.  I will love my comp if mason sends me an email.  
done deal.
i love you guys a lot.  I also love the lord.  Maybe i'll be a better freakin missionary by next weeks email.  HAHAHA SERIOUSLY

Wellllll how was the week.  I am depressed that freaking Sister Pew is up and leaving me.  How rude of her.  Isn't it funny how I didn't even know her a couple months ago and now she is like my best pal.  Funny stuff.. companionships bring ya pretty close.
So yes I get a new little companion tomorrow so we'll see how that goes.  Hopefully she's not psycho.  We had this meeting on Wednesday where all the sisters in the mission get together and we go through a bunch of training's and it's pretty fun... I am becoming not so new so I actually have friends and know people when we go to meetings so that is pretty sweet.  I got to see Sister Ketchum (my MTC comp) and that was just a delight.
Also big news: today I drove for the first time since I have left on my mission.  Sister Pew called some dude and I got permission to drive so I definitely feel like a freaking BOSS.
MOM AHHHH I can't believe you saw The Fault In Our Stars hgdkla;hg;abva;bioh this laurel that always goes out with us saw it and she told me about it blahhhh I am so JEALOUS.  You have to buy it when it comes out so I can watch it when I come home in five thousand years.
Well my week was a little bit of a whirlwind I just feel like it was some kind of weird dream.  On Tuesday we drove to Buckingham which is like an hour and a half away to do a blitz to help the elders in our zone find new investigators.  That was sweet because literally every house sister pew and I knocked on let us chat with them for a while about the gospel.  THAT does not ever really happen here in Virginia.  So that was really just a treat.  One of the single elderly missionaries drove us up in a member's mini van.  It was hilarious.  
Anyway the rest of the week was weird because on Saturday we found out Sister Pew was leaving so it's just been a whirlwind of her crying and other people crying and saying goodbye and me just being an awkward soul standing there and saying I'm still staying.  
That's my life.
We also have like fifty dinners tonight because everyone wanted to have us over to say goodbye to sister pew.  That means I will be gaining 20 pounds.  ouch.
I am going to the zoo today with our whole zone so that will just be a TREAT.  
hmmmm i don't have any super swaggy stories like last week.  I mean we see miracle everyday but ya know. 
Have a fun times in St. George this week!  It'll be a fun week for you guys with the big party coming up and stuff.  Tell gramps and grams that I love them so much and I can't believe they've been married 65 years!  THAT IS CRAZY.  they are my inspiration.  Give Grandma Della and Grandpa Ross big hugs for me.  I miss them.
I don't really have much else to say... I am going to teach teach teach this week!  Me and the new gurl will light it uppp.
I have been reading the book of mormon lately (duh), and I am in the middle of alma.  Which is dope because it's the fastest i've ever read the book of mormon ever and I am getting so much out of it.  Holy FREAK i love the book of mormon so much.  I can really relate to Alma and Ammon stories and they are just studs.  I wanna be a missionary like they were.  I really am trying but sometimes I feel soooo in over my head when it comes to this.  I really don't know what I'm doing but one thing I do know is that Heavenly Father has got this under control and so long as i do everything in my power- he's gonna make up the difference.  I think that's my new motto- Heavenly Father truly makes up the difference. 
I have grown to love so much baring my testimony.  It's crazy cause when I was younger i thought baring my testimony was the biggest deal.  Now i like bare my testimony to dogs it's such a common thing.  It's so cool.  So cool.

I love you people.  have a wonderful week!
Hello hello peeps!  
So sounds like Haden had a great day turning six-freakin-teen years old!  Still can't wrap my brain around that but WHATEV.  
So I got to thinking this week and I am PISSED that I can't go to G&G VO's anniversary party cause it's not all too often the freakin VO clan all gets together!  All I have to say about that is that I will write a speech that you can read so I can be there in spirit and word.  hehe kinda like the savior JUST KIDDING that was too far.
Soo school is done for the 2 hooligans.  What a blessed day.  I bet cole and mom are just having the greatest bonding time ever.  How special.  I bet you do a lot of walking to the park and to the good pizza place where cole can get his favorite garlic bread.  WOWWW sounds like a treat.
AND DOUBLE WOW that dad pulled through and got the Lionel Richie tix.  DANG i bet that was sweeeet and I can just see it now mom loosing her mind as he sings dancing on the ceiling.  That is so cool you got to see him!
Haven't heard from Mason since I left on my mission, I was wondering if he was still alive?  Or if they cut out his brain in one of his labs.  I mean we really would never know if mason died or something, he doesn't talk to anyone enough.  Except Kevin.  Maybe Kevin would inform you.  Maybe he ran off and eloped with my MTC teacher sister paravato.  She totally had the hots for him.
My friends are all moving on with their lives without me, Bailee is FREAKING ENGAGED to chase and I am weirded out.  My friends are getting MARRIED. ew.
ANOTHER SOMETHING I NEED TO BRING UP is that DAD is turning 49 this week WOW you guys are getting OLD.  Something else i was thinking about is that i will not be home when mom and dad turn 50!  HALF A CENTURY. how does that feel huh?  hahaha well dad i hope you have a gReAt birthday.  You can take the family out to dinner on you and maybe they'll even buy you some video games for Haden and Cole to play.  JUST KIDDING really have a great birthday dad.  I love you.  And a happy father's day!  Dang just killing two birds with one stone this week!  You guys will be partying like rock starz all week long!
So none of my friends wrote me this week so this email will be long cause I have a lot of time.  Take a deep breath everyone.
My week was REDONK so good.
We hit our all-time high of member present lessons this week so i'm just feelin like a freakin BOSS.  haha but more importantly we had some serious spirit packed lessons and they were just blessed experiences.
Okay so on thursday sister pew and I went on exchanges with the sister training leaders again and this time i stayed in Manchester.  So we go back to our second appointment with this guy who is a pastor from the church of christ.  IDK if i've told you about him.  But our first lesson with him and his wife went really well, he was very respectful and actually quite open.  So we set up a second appointment that happened on thursday after we exchanged so it was me and the STL and our laurel, and HE WAS JUST A (censored) rude dude.  He kept telling us that we don't worship the same god that is in the old and new testament because the book of mormon is so not in conjunction with the bible, so we worship some weird god who doesn't exist blah blah blah!!!  Oh now it makes me heated but at the time i was very calm and we just did the only thing we can do which is testify of the book of mormon and other truths we know.  The craziest thing was he went OFF about how eternal marriage is not real and he looks right at his wife and goes something like, "honey, i love you so much and i would love nothing more than to be with you forever, but that will never happen!  That is not how it goes!"  OH MY GOSH I almost fell out of my chair I felt so bad for his wife!!!!!!!!!  If my husband looked right at me and said that I would just DIE!  He said our doctrines were "nice to hear" but so wrong!  OH WOW it was just something else let me tell you.  What was cool was after we left I just felt so much peace because I know what I know.  And i'm sad for him that he is so closed off to the truth.  Someday pastor danny, someday.
One more COOL story.  So fast forward to Friday.  Me and the STL plan a lesson with Marcellius and ALL FREAKING DAY i am calling the entire ward (which is my worst nightmare.  I hate with a capital HATE talking on the phone with people and I just could crawl into a hole and die all the time because half my job is harrassing people via telephone call) to see if someone could please let us come over for the lesson and FINALLY somebody says yes.  So sister pew gets back at 5 and we met this lady who needed help with her yard so we go over there for an hour or so then we get back to the appt at like 6:20 and wolf down some cereal and change and we rush over to the member's house and I was just a basket case because we didn't even have time to go over the lesson together.  Like the only thing sister pew knew was that the lesson was on the priesthood.  SO I WAS A DISASTER.  Before we left i just said a quick prayer and told heavenly father that we weren't as prepared as we should be, but I asked him to please make up the difference.
The lesson was REDONK ya know when the spirit is so strong you literally feel like you're choking?  That's exactly how it was.  The member's were just throwing down and it was just SO COOL and if that wasn't enough, the guy gives Marcellius the dopest priesthood blessing i've ever heard and OH MY GOSH it was like the coolest night of my mission.
We also had zone conference this week.  Dad i was wondering something.  have your missionaries ever read these things called case studies?  One is about working with members and one is about homework assignments.  Our mission pres gave them to us.  I was wondering if they had them, because they really are so helpful.  If they don't, i can make some copies and send them to you.  They inspire me, so maybe it'd inspire them.
I just had a great week guys ahhhh!  I am actually adjusting to being a missionary finally.  I feel like i finally kinda know what I'm doing.  AND IT IS JUST THE GREATEST FEELING to not feel sooooo weird all the time.
I also had to give the prayer in sacrament meeting yesterday and almost shat myself.  But i did it and survived.  Praise the lord.
Okay well i think that's all.  I don't really know what else to say.  I am alive and breathing most of the time.  Have a great week everyone!

mom are you the master of picture sending or WHAT?  WOW am I impressed.   
So to answer your questions YES I FEEL THE HUMIDITY and YES I sweat so much it is absolutely repulsive.  I haven't felt the brunt of it yet, we have really bad days where it's super humid and 95 degrees but then it'll cool off.  I don't know what I am going to do when It's like that errrrrrryday.  I will just die.  Literally.  Tracting and the heat don't really get along right now but I'll just have to start feeling the love for that stuff.
And Dad yes the bugs are starting to eat me alive.  It's because I have sweet blood from all the dunkin donuts i eat.  the other day we had a horse fly inside our appt and I took on the role of murdering the freaking thing.  We don't have a fly swatter so i put my boots on my hands and just went ape.  It was great.
Yeah I had to LOL in that pic the lady in my ward sent you cause she totally caught me biting my finger hair and I just knew I would not hear the end of it for that one.
That is SWEEEEET that you got to take the boat out.  I am way jealous.  Did dirt marry that girl he kept breaking up with?  That's crazy that dirt and chris are gonna be married men.  Mason needs to pick it up.  He's way cuter than them.
Well my world turned upside down this week when I realized HADEN is turning SIXTEEN years old.  I feel like I'm still 16.  It is just altering my universe.  ANYWAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HADE!  Kiss a girl that night cause now you're home free to do all that crap.  
G&G VO will have been married 65 freaking years?!  WHAT that is so long.  And they are just still little cuties in love.  That'll be a grand old fam damily reunion!  Good ol madea style.
Dang it was like a high school reunion for you guys in stg this weekend!  Isn't that nuts about Hannah!  Oh my gosh I'm so pumped she's going now I won't be the lone wolf out of all my friends.  she has forever and a day to wait though, she said she doesn't leave till the end of october.  
Okay so now I can tell you about my week which won't take very long it's a little mundane in my neck of the woods.  We tracted lots this week and got to teach to a couple new people.  We also had a lesson with one of our investigators, Marcellius, at this old couple in our ward's house.  It was funny. We were talking to Marcellius about what Jesus Christ expects of him and we read 2 Nephi 9.  Out of nowhere brother mccourt goes OFF for about 5 minutes about garments and temple ordinances and the markings on our G's and I was like WOAH dawg back up the truck!  Marcellius was just staring at him like... what?  Oh my gosh me sister pew shared a great laugh about that one.  But the lesson really did go well, I just thought that was so funny.
I know I haven't seen a lot of people with progression on my mish so far and I hope you guys know that while that does make me sad, I do know the Lord is behind our work and that people are going to start progressing.  I have ZERO doubt and know of a surety that if I work as hard as i possibly can Heavenly Father really will help us find those who are prepared and people will progress.
We had a baptism in our district this past week so I mean the work really is hastening!  
Dad when it comes to help the ward being finders i'm at a little bit of blank.  It's hard to motivate people to do missionary work.  On of the missionaries in our mission asked Elder Bednar this exact question and he said to stop hounding them, when they're converted, missionary work will come naturally.
All we as missionaries can do is create deeper and more trusting relationships with the members and hopefully they will do their part.  In the mean time us missionaries just work our butts off doing those things we can do.
One of our members invited us to a BBQ yesterday at her house that was after her son's baptism and there were some investigators there!  It was sweet to have an opportunity like that.  Super casual, we just got to know them and talked with them about the baptism and stuff.  It's cool because now we can work with that member on setting up appts and we're no longer just two creepy 20 yr old girls calling her all the time to try and come by.
Have a great week all you, and Haden have the freakin BEST BIRTHDAY EVVVVVER cause 16 is just a great time.  Don't crash the car.  Love you dude.

Love all you guys!
THOSE ARE SOME GREEEAAAT PICTURES.  Me and sister pew has a grand ol time checkin those out.
DAD you look skinny!  I'm serious I saw those pics and it looks like you are like half the human you were in the save the whales picture!
Sounds like you guys had a fun weekend in STG!  That's cool that cole got to play ball with his friends, glad he dominated as usual.
And you even got to hang out with drew and karls.  what a treat.
I'm glad everyone is alive and breathing and living life!  keep on keepin on!

hmmm my week.  Its was just peachy.  We have FIVE new investigators so I am just feeling like mason at a calculator convention.
It's so FUN to teach people I love it so much more than tracting.  so so much more.  But we found all these people by tracting so we'll just have to keep on doin it.  We had a lesson with a pastor from the church of christ which was interesting.  I was really scared but he was actually very nice and respectful and we even have a return appt so who knows!  You can never say never!
I have been mourning all week because Hannah graduated and that means I have been graduated FOR A YEAR.  That is so long.  Lots of stuff has changed since then.  Like the majority of everything.  So weird.

I really am starting to like being here and it's just a great feeling!!  I really feel blessed to even be ON a mission.  I really don't know what else to tell you about.  Things are just chuggin along for me out here and there are so many bugs and I am being eaten alive by them every minute of the day.  It's just great. I just don't see why anyone would ever choose to live here.  The humidity and the bugs definitely turn me running in the other direction. 

I hit rock bottom this week and forced all the girls in my appt to clean out the fridge with me.  YEP that's right ME.  I instigated it.  and I am making a dish days chart too.  Thought you'd be shocked to know that abby the whorder and abby the messiest human alive is the only one in her whole appt who has a meltdown over it's disgustingness so I am the one doing something about it. I don't even know who i am anymore.

okayyyyy well hope everyone has a blessed week and enjoys it and all dat good stuff!  I love all of you!

Send my love to the grandparents, hope beag's have fun in fish lake and with their fifth wheel.... man.  PARADISE.  hahah.
well hello family!
Sounds like things have been fairly normal this past week, I'M SO HAPPY I WAS IN VIRGINIA INSTEAD OF HOME CLEANING OUT THAT BLASTED CONDO.  Sister Pew and I just shared a nice laugh as I recounted to her of all the conodos you bought and made us fix up.  it's a love/hate relationship with those memories.  hmmm well my week was like way COOL.
Cooler than most weeks i've had here... I was able to teach the lessons a lot more this week than usual.  Which is something I really pray for.  I was thinking this morning about how I decided to come on this mission, and through my obedience and diligence Heavenly Father really will bless me and Sister Pew with MANY opportunities throughout our week to share the message that we left home for 18 months to share.  It's almost like I can expect that.... you know, not in a weird way, but I literally can have so much faith that I can expect Heavenly Father to give me opportunities to do what I am here to do.  
I liked that thought.  I can literally see my faith growing being out here.  It's the weirdest thing.  I don't even know how I considered my testimony strong before I came out here.  I feel like even though I've only been here for (almost) 4 months, I have really come to understand the gospel in a way I NEVER have.  I know what the restoration is and why it happened and why we absolutely needed all these truths to be not reformed, but RESTORED.  And I don't know I just feel like I see the gospel in such a different light and people in general in such a different way and when i look at my mission like that, ya know just noticing the ways i'm changing and the person I am and the people i can truly help and love and all that other just kinda doesn't make it so hard.
ANYWAY ew i just went off on a missionary tangent.  I am becoming THAT missionary.  hahaha NO I WOULD NEVER LET THAT HAPPEN.
Anyway so yeah this week was cool because while we were tracting PEOPLE ACTUALLY LISTENED A COUPLE TIMES so i was just sooooo happy.  We had 3 other lessons that way so I was just a happy camper.  It's funny to listen to what other people have to say when they see me and sister pew at their door.  Very common thing is they just start bashing and I'm like woah dude #1 I don't know jack squat (so I let sister pew do the talking) #2 I just think bashing IS SO DUMB so i prefer to leave the situation as ASAP as possible but sometimes it kinda leads into good stuff (like teaching opportunities) so I'm trying to be better.  I gotta form myself to they these people need to be taught not the way I like to teach.  Ya feel me?  
Anywee.  Things are picking up here.  Like the members are a lot more involved in the work and it is just peachy.  OUR ZONE NEVER GETS BAPTISMS AND I WANNA CHANGE THAT SOSOSOSOSOOSOSOOS BAD.
One of our lessons was with Marcellius and this crazy old lady we get to drive us around.  We taught the gospel of jesus christ and I literally found myself trying to direct the conversation from ouigi boards (i don't know how to spell that.  like wigi boards ya know) back to baptism.  Its was a so hilariously terrible.  But the lesson actually went really well, just a few moments where it started to drift and when I say drift I mean we were on a whole different continent.
Sister Pew and I taught Gospel Principles class yesterday which is such a delightful experience.  I LOVE THAT CLASS i think i might go to it for the rest of my life.  I never even knew it existed until my mission.
Anways....things are great here and I'm just learning to love life.  It's a different kind of love but IT'S ACTUALLY STARTING TO HAPPEN so there's hope.  
Mom that's cool you talked to Brenda!! Is Aria in Bolivia or where ever she's going yet?  I was thinking about her the other day.  Send her all my luv.
love all you people and have a great week.  I will work my * off and you work yours off too and it'll just be fun.

Oh and MOTHER DEAR thanks for sending the creams!  I got em and my face i already looking better.  praise the lord.