Sunday, July 6, 2014

THOSE ARE SOME GREEEAAAT PICTURES.  Me and sister pew has a grand ol time checkin those out.
DAD you look skinny!  I'm serious I saw those pics and it looks like you are like half the human you were in the save the whales picture!
Sounds like you guys had a fun weekend in STG!  That's cool that cole got to play ball with his friends, glad he dominated as usual.
And you even got to hang out with drew and karls.  what a treat.
I'm glad everyone is alive and breathing and living life!  keep on keepin on!

hmmm my week.  Its was just peachy.  We have FIVE new investigators so I am just feeling like mason at a calculator convention.
It's so FUN to teach people I love it so much more than tracting.  so so much more.  But we found all these people by tracting so we'll just have to keep on doin it.  We had a lesson with a pastor from the church of christ which was interesting.  I was really scared but he was actually very nice and respectful and we even have a return appt so who knows!  You can never say never!
I have been mourning all week because Hannah graduated and that means I have been graduated FOR A YEAR.  That is so long.  Lots of stuff has changed since then.  Like the majority of everything.  So weird.

I really am starting to like being here and it's just a great feeling!!  I really feel blessed to even be ON a mission.  I really don't know what else to tell you about.  Things are just chuggin along for me out here and there are so many bugs and I am being eaten alive by them every minute of the day.  It's just great. I just don't see why anyone would ever choose to live here.  The humidity and the bugs definitely turn me running in the other direction. 

I hit rock bottom this week and forced all the girls in my appt to clean out the fridge with me.  YEP that's right ME.  I instigated it.  and I am making a dish days chart too.  Thought you'd be shocked to know that abby the whorder and abby the messiest human alive is the only one in her whole appt who has a meltdown over it's disgustingness so I am the one doing something about it. I don't even know who i am anymore.

okayyyyy well hope everyone has a blessed week and enjoys it and all dat good stuff!  I love all of you!

Send my love to the grandparents, hope beag's have fun in fish lake and with their fifth wheel.... man.  PARADISE.  hahah.

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