Sunday, July 6, 2014

Wellllll how was the week.  I am depressed that freaking Sister Pew is up and leaving me.  How rude of her.  Isn't it funny how I didn't even know her a couple months ago and now she is like my best pal.  Funny stuff.. companionships bring ya pretty close.
So yes I get a new little companion tomorrow so we'll see how that goes.  Hopefully she's not psycho.  We had this meeting on Wednesday where all the sisters in the mission get together and we go through a bunch of training's and it's pretty fun... I am becoming not so new so I actually have friends and know people when we go to meetings so that is pretty sweet.  I got to see Sister Ketchum (my MTC comp) and that was just a delight.
Also big news: today I drove for the first time since I have left on my mission.  Sister Pew called some dude and I got permission to drive so I definitely feel like a freaking BOSS.
MOM AHHHH I can't believe you saw The Fault In Our Stars hgdkla;hg;abva;bioh this laurel that always goes out with us saw it and she told me about it blahhhh I am so JEALOUS.  You have to buy it when it comes out so I can watch it when I come home in five thousand years.
Well my week was a little bit of a whirlwind I just feel like it was some kind of weird dream.  On Tuesday we drove to Buckingham which is like an hour and a half away to do a blitz to help the elders in our zone find new investigators.  That was sweet because literally every house sister pew and I knocked on let us chat with them for a while about the gospel.  THAT does not ever really happen here in Virginia.  So that was really just a treat.  One of the single elderly missionaries drove us up in a member's mini van.  It was hilarious.  
Anyway the rest of the week was weird because on Saturday we found out Sister Pew was leaving so it's just been a whirlwind of her crying and other people crying and saying goodbye and me just being an awkward soul standing there and saying I'm still staying.  
That's my life.
We also have like fifty dinners tonight because everyone wanted to have us over to say goodbye to sister pew.  That means I will be gaining 20 pounds.  ouch.
I am going to the zoo today with our whole zone so that will just be a TREAT.  
hmmmm i don't have any super swaggy stories like last week.  I mean we see miracle everyday but ya know. 
Have a fun times in St. George this week!  It'll be a fun week for you guys with the big party coming up and stuff.  Tell gramps and grams that I love them so much and I can't believe they've been married 65 years!  THAT IS CRAZY.  they are my inspiration.  Give Grandma Della and Grandpa Ross big hugs for me.  I miss them.
I don't really have much else to say... I am going to teach teach teach this week!  Me and the new gurl will light it uppp.
I have been reading the book of mormon lately (duh), and I am in the middle of alma.  Which is dope because it's the fastest i've ever read the book of mormon ever and I am getting so much out of it.  Holy FREAK i love the book of mormon so much.  I can really relate to Alma and Ammon stories and they are just studs.  I wanna be a missionary like they were.  I really am trying but sometimes I feel soooo in over my head when it comes to this.  I really don't know what I'm doing but one thing I do know is that Heavenly Father has got this under control and so long as i do everything in my power- he's gonna make up the difference.  I think that's my new motto- Heavenly Father truly makes up the difference. 
I have grown to love so much baring my testimony.  It's crazy cause when I was younger i thought baring my testimony was the biggest deal.  Now i like bare my testimony to dogs it's such a common thing.  It's so cool.  So cool.

I love you people.  have a wonderful week!

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