Thursday, May 1, 2014

okaayyyyy well hello!
Notice my emailing time is way earlier the past two weeks because me and sister pew don't have any miles left for the rest of the month so we drive with the other sister missionaries we live with everywhere on p-day.  I can't wait until may 1 because that means we have a fresh stash of miles for the month and this month WE WILL DO A LOT BETTER saving miles.  haha
Dang guys looks like i just have a bunch of missionaries at home!  Mom going out with the elders and you guys having investigators over  for dinner.... DANG YOU ARE JUST ROCKSTARZZZZZZZ!!  missionary life is all awkward so just learn to love it.
And DAD look at you you emailed me LAST WEEK for this week!  wow!  What a pleasure it was to get an email from my DAD!  haaha So the big race is this weekend!  Oh boy I'll be sending my prayers that direction!  you will do great!  Good luck and jus kill it!  I know you will just rock the house and probably take first place like you probably will beat paul bracken dad.  wow.
And Drew and Karls finally graduating HALLELUJAH!  How delightful.
So this week i got to go on my first "exchange" with the "sister training leaders" which was actually fun.  I got to go to downtown Richmond to the VCU campus and work with the YSA ward there for a day!  IT WAS SO FUN!!! They just go to VCU and contact people all day and the kids in that ward are just all stars and help the missionaries so much.  And downtown richmond is SO beautiful!  Oh my gosh i was just in love.  So yeah that was just buckets of fun leaving good ol manchester for a day and seeing what other missionary work is like.
This week we also went to a baptism and Marcellius came along!  Haha it was classic he wore this big old silver chain and it was just so funny but so great because the spirit was so strong and i think he really enjoyed it.  he also came to church yesterday so i may break his neck if he doesn't just bite the bullet and get baptized.  
Also this week we were able to meet with Ginger again and we asked her if she would be open to us teaching her more about the gospel and she said YES so yipee!  She also showed us all around her garden and I was just in heaven i can't wait until one day when i have a garden the size of alaska.  
Also this week I almost went into cardiac arrest when that lady called you mom hahah me and sister pew were just in a panic cause she called our moms.  So funny.  Sister Pew's mom almost had a stroke.  We were dying.
So THIS WEEK david A. bednar comes so I am just stoked outta my mind!  He comes saturday morning and we are supposed to get there at 8 but i think sister pew and i might just camp out the night before HA.  it is gonna be PACKED BEYOND BELIEF cause the whole richmond AND chesapeake missions are coming and an apostle coming to a bunch of missionaries is like channing tatum coming to a bunch of high school girls.
And this week we also got to volunteer at the YMCA which was really fun.  I got the worlds worst tan line and so I am just in a depression about that.  But the volunteering was real fun and a change from our normal routine so yeah, it was just peachy.
I have to give a talk in sacrament meeting on mother's day which is just BRUTAL am i right?!  haha But they told me to be sensitive to the ladies in our ward who haven't had the best experiences with mothers or can't be a mother so I'll have to think of an interesting spin.  Transfers are a week from tuesday but i don't think i'll be leaving which is good.  I'd be sad to leave pew and manchester.
Well peeps that's my report.  It was a good week.  Some days really drag cause we just tract my frickin life away but THAT'S JUST LIFE and this is the work of salvation and i can't complain.
have the funnest week!  Good luck to dad and congrats to drew and karls and hope haden kills it in his tourney!  Lovey you kiddos!  I GET TO SKYPE IN 2 WEEKS YAY!
P.S. mom i'm glad eminem made you think of me.  I still sing it here.  and all the missionaries think i'm apostate.  Just miss music so much!  
P.P.S. dear mason, for your late birthday present to me, would you please send me some C.D.'s.  Josh Groban is approved.  And some people listen to Jack Johnson but I don't think that's too appropriate so I won't give into peer pressure.  Send some good stuffs.  NOT JUST MOTAB I WILL KILL YOU.
P.P.P.S.  Dad what did you give a talk on?  Haden said it went good.  Yeah i heard that from HADEN and not YOU.  

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