Thursday, May 1, 2014

hello hello!
oh wow so biggest news of the week is dad winning march madness.  WHAT A TREAT DAD wow so proud of you.
That's real fun you're going to San Diego.  I'm feeling pretty jealous.  I'm about as white as a piece of paper.  Maybe i'll start fake baking.
Sooo I have just had a week for the books!  I don't remember if i told you about this but about two weeks ago we were out tracting and we met this guy named skylar.  he's like 23ish.  And he is jusssst golden.  Like we taught him the restoration last week and he was just eating up every word we said.  It was AMAZING.  He even said it was amazing we stopped by the day we did, because earlier that day he had been praying that god would teach him the truth!!!! ahhh i almost fainted.  But crap beyond crapper news we have to pass him off to the YSA missionaries.  blehg.
My friend sister newell left thursday morning and I was just a sad little bug all day thursday.  I haven't been that sad on mish thus far but thursday was just a sad day.  Anyway, I pulled myself outta the pit and am doing good.  She was just a peach, but ya know sister pew is a peach too.
So last night was just, WOW.  We were supposed to have a lesson with marcellius and we had a freaking member coming and everything and lo and behold he got backed up at work and couldn't make it.  I was just pissed.  So we go to contact this referral from the elders.  LET ME JUST PREFACE BY SAYING THE WORLD'S MOST ODDEST EXPERIENCE.
It's a mom, and her two daughters- one of them has down syndrome.  We got chatting and within the first five minutes she let us know some very personal information about a trial their family has been going through and i was just like WHOA LADY back up the truck i don't wanna know that but it also was just really sad.  Then one of her daughters (the one who doesn't have downs) went storming out of the room saying she doesn't believe in god and I was just feelin a little bit in over my head at this point.  We taught them about prayer and read with the romans 8: 35-39 (side note: that is like the best scripture ever) and they just were not focusing.  I was literally in the middle of baring my testimony on personal prayers and she starts busting up laughing because her cat was sitting on a picture of miley cyrus.  There are just some odd ducks out there peeps.  And I just am still at a loss for words concerning that whole situation.   
hope that made sense. hahaha
okay.  hmm.  mom i wanted to tell you that the virginia richmond mission has a facebook page that they update like everyday and you could follow it.
you can share it on fb or twitter or whatever.
mom i got your letter, thank you that made my whole day.  It came on my thursday (my day of misery).
Sooooo yeah.  David A. Bednar is coming to speak to us on may 3rd so i'm getting pumped for that.  He's just gonna bring down the house crying repentance to us missionaries ohhh boy i can't wait.
Alright everyone, keep it real this week and don't do anything too cray.  you're all just great and i love ya so much.

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