Thursday, May 1, 2014

hello hello!
Well well well i don't know where to begin.  Glad to hear the family had such a lovely week.  Sorry to hear Cole is sick.  Hopefully he doesn't die.
Hmm so my week was just... ya know.  I don't know if I've told you about Marcellius- He is our most progressing investigator.  How we met him is a funny story.
So we were scrambling for something to do (a very common occurance that peeves me to no end) and i opened up the freakin area book and just randomly pick a house that is close by.  We originally stopped by to see his sister- but instead Marcellius opened the door and we taught him.  He's had the missionary lessons many times but he just gets stuck when it comes to the commandments.  It's just interesting because the elders in our ward had been teaching him pretty regularly about a month prior to our meeting but dropped him, and then we randomly show up on his porch.  I just thought it was cool how the Lord totally led us there- and I didn't even know it.  Anyway, he's actually doing really well.  He totally has a testimony... He just doesn't want to give up tattoos.  But he came to conference on Sunday AND MY FREAKING COMPANIONS MADE ME SIT BY HIM oh my gosh I almost died of awkwardness.  He's like a 30 year old black guy covered in tattoos who says things like "imma" and "axk" (instead of ask.  ya feel me?)  Anyway I sometimes get a little nervous about him because he seems a little creepy but hopefully that's just my little st. george sheltered mormon girl coming out.  Anyway, it's just really refreshing to work with someone who really will read the book of mormon and pray and actually has a desire to progress.... It's really awesome because we can be very bold with him and he doesn't get offended or anything.  
Well i must say i love so much being in a trio with sister newell and pew.  They are just lovely and yeah.  Totally the best thing.  Sister Newell leaves for Nauvoo on Thursday and that's depressing but also good. I will miss her lots and lotsssss.
Conference was the bomb shizzzzzzzle am i right???  oh my gosh let it be recorded in the books of heaven that Abigail Van Orden DID NOT FALL ASLEEP ONE TIME DURING THE 8 HOURS OF CONFERENCE.  I don't know about you but I now believe in miracles.  I'm serious that may be the first time in my whole life i've ever done that.
We had a pancake breakfast as an incentive to get our investigators to come to conference and it actually went really well.  So inviting people to that has taken up a big chunk of our week last week.  It was cool because it really helped boost my confidence.  by the end of the week i was walking up to people no problem and inviting them.  I never in my wildest dreams thought i'd ever be able to walk up to some random human and talk to them about coming and eating pancakes and then listening to a prophet of god speak..... look at what mission will do for ya.
Dad- Me and my comps will work on that thing you want us to do and then i'll get it to you next week.  I'm freakin pumped for you and your iron man.  The training sounds hardcore!  I'm so impressed.  Keep chuggin along.
My fav talks in conf were easily bednar and uchtdorf.  daaaaaaaannngg they just brought the heat!  I seriously loved conference.  It was just the best.  Hahaha i've really been missin out these last 18 years that i didn't care about it.
I feel like this letter is really formal.  I don't know my worst fear is becoming a psycho missionary with no personality.
that's soooo crazy about Quin coming over to my side of the country!  tell him to come visit me.  That's a big decision!  Tell him congrats for me.
OH i wanted to tell you i hit a turning point in life.  I can now start moving on with my life.  I read this talk by jeffery r holland called "remember lot's wife" and it just was a gem for sure.  As hard as i try to stay focused on my mish i can't help but just love the past and sometimes it gets a little troublesome.  It's hard to be here and wish i could still talk to my friends and crap everyday, but that talk really helped me see how FAITH is in the future- not living in the past.  Now i can start moving on from graduating high school.  wowowowow.  big day.
Yeah so that's all i can think of.  Hope you all have a great week and that you know i sure love ya and yadda yadda yaddddd.
Just so you know.  Wil and Lakyn walker are engaged.  who saw that one coming?  no one.
loves to you all

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