Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Well hey everyone.  Here I am again.  Another week another letter.

WELL LET'S START THE WEEK OFF RIGHT WITH A BIIIIIIIIIIIIIG OLD HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY TO DREWSEPH!  Holy nuts are you like almost 30?  I don't even know how old you are turning anymore drew.  Now that you're married I just feel like you're an old man.  But yeah happy birthday.  Maybe have yourself a nice little meal at taco bell for the big day.  Crunch rap supreme hypothetically on me.  HEHE  ACTUALLY BETTER IDEA DRIVE TO STG AND GO TO IN N OUT AND EAT A 4X4.  I can't think of a better way to celebrate.  Speaking of in n out, the other day some psycho lady tried to convince me that mcdonalds fries are better than in n out fries.  I almost died.  Anyway sorry off topic completely UM HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DREW.

So now that that is out of the way... this week sounds like it's been pretty chill in the vo's life.  That's a good thing i think.

This week I had one of the most humbling, tender experiences of my whole lifffeee.

So on Friday and Saturday this week, we got to participate in this service project called "school dress days" held at one of our buildings, but had many people from all sorts of faiths participating and helping.  It's a thing they do every year here in Fredricksburg, they get donations from all sorts of places like CVS and Walmart and all that crap, and they donate and buy school supplies, backpacks, clothes, and hygiene products for kids to have when their parents can't afford all the "back to school" essentials.  Hundreds of families came through with all their kids and each child got to pick out a new back-pack, a coat, new jeans and a shirt, and some shoes; along with school supplies and hygiene stuff.  It was just so tender.  These kids acted like it was christmas and most of the families we helped through were so humble and grateful.  
#1 it just made we want to make stuff like this happen when I am off my mission and a real human again... So many families were blessed and helped by this and it just was incredible.
#2 it seriously made my heart feel like it was going to fall out of my body seeing all these kids and how excited they got over their new stuff.  I have so much.  It makes me love/hate myself.

We are just blessed family I hope you guys never forget that.  We have so much and the people I met this past weekend just made me realize even more so how much Heavenly Father has given us and because of that he does expect things of us.

It was so interesting to observe the difference between those who were so humble and grateful and those who were so ungrateful.  There was a lady who came through who was taking a lot more stuff than she was allowed, and when I told her she wasn't supposed to do that she got all sassy and said she could do whatever she wanted, he son needed this.  To which I zipped my lips cause I'm a missionary and I can't be sassy.  And you know I do agree with her a bit, I would love to give her the whole freaking room full of clothes but there are others who need that stuff too.  I witness moms telling their kids not to get the shoes that fit them but they would probably grow out of soon, because "there were other kids who could use them".  I was so inspired by these people.  I just feel so blessed to have been able to be a participant in that service project.  I really do feel like it changed my life hahaa. 

As for missionary work, things are going.  We met this sweet lady yesterday named Mary, we were able to teach her about the restoration of the gospel of jesus christ and she was just PUMPED.  It's my favorite thing to see.  Also one of my favorite things about teaching people is hearing them pray for the first time.  At the end of the lesson we always ask them to say the prayer, and at first they freak out and say no, but with a little prodding, they'll usually do it.  The prayers i hear these people say are so humble and simple, but some of the most sincere prayers I have ever heard.  It's the best thing ever.

It's funny, sometimes when I'm teaching it just kinda hits me that I really am a missionary and this is what I do.  I go and I talk to a bunch of random people in virginia and try to teach them the gospel.  That's my life.  I hope you guys know how much I appreciate the support I feel from my family.  I literally can feel the prayers and it's such a blessing to have people who care about me and want me to be my best self and work my hardest as a missionary.  You guys are such a big part of my motivation to be my best self as a missionary.  

This week I have been thinking a lot about preparing ourselves to partake of the sacrament.  My experience at church this week felt more renewing than it has in a long time, actually probably ever, simply because I took time everyday of the week to prepare myself for sunday.  I bet you all do this but if not give it a try.  It was a great blessing in my life.

OKAY YEAH.  I don't have a soap box this week but I could talk for another 50 years about bikes if you want me to.  HEH JK I WON'T.  

Have a happy week!  

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