Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hey hey hey!
Well well well I'm glad everyone survived the vacation from heaven.  I'm glad you had a fun time and I'm not even that depressed I wasn't there.  THAT IS A GOOD THING.
I got a letter from Drew and Mason this week too THAT MAKES TWO (yes two) WEEKS IN A ROW!!!  That is a miracle if I've ever seen one.  And I see miracles- I'm a freaking missionary.
So you're done with vacation bliss and now all back to real life.  Ouch.  Mom that's so awesome that you're gonna be driving in a week!!  Does Haden have his license yet?  Mom you haven't been able to drive the whole time i've been gone.  That's cray.
Mom Bailee and Chase are getting married September 27th I believe.  She sent me pics of their engagement and they are the worlds cutest thing (aside from Karly and Drews of course).
Hmmm so I have actually had a nice week.  Every week I feel like is a new start and an opportunity to become a stronger missionary and keep strengthening the fire.  Each day holds an opportunity for miracles, sometimes those miracles are just a little less noticeable. 
Me and my comp are doing fine.  I don't think we'll ever be best friends but i mean we get along well enough.  She's strong in a lot of things that I'm a little weaker 
 in and vise versa.  I'm definitely learning patience hahaha but I really am getting better with being patient!  It's funny to see myself grow.  but then I get stressed about if I'm growing enough.  Like before my mission I didn't want to come out here and change but i get here and now all I wanna do is change and be the most dead set PMG missionary (while still being me of course).
I just have to tell you about the dope dope dopest experience this week!  So me and stils "set aside" *cough dropped* like 4 of our investigators this week so the slate was looking pretty clean.  I've been thinking about doing that for a while now, but i mean it kinda requires a lot of freaking faith!!! Like okay we have no one...... Heavenly Father you gotta lead us to the prepared!  
Sooooo we have had a lot of days full of tracting and tracting and contacting and going to try formers and potentials and the majority of that has been a big fart in my face.
BUT I was praying the other night and I just was like YO heavenly father, where do we go?
COALBORO road appeared in my brain.
So we took this girl who has her mission call and off tracting we went on Saturday night.  I had about a million apprehensions cause #1 it was the elder's area (hahahhahahha), #2 this area is like out in the boonies.  Like you walk half a mile to get from house to house and #3 I didn't want to waste this girl's night tracting for 2 hours.  I always feel so bad when that happens.  BUT we just rolled with it.  So the 4th house in, we walk up and a lady is cleaning her screened in porch.  She invites us to sit down, gives us water, and we start talking with her.  She's about 50, and that day was her daughter's 16th birthday.  We teach her about the book of mormon and gave her a watered down version of the restoration (best two years reference) and she is pumped.  She keeps saying "oh i'm gonna study this book and i'm gonna find out if it's true!" and then I'm goin in for the baptismal invite, and her daughter just pipes in and says "hey mom have you ever been baptized?"  OH MY GOSH CAN YOU SAY PERFECT?  And she talks about how she's never been baptized and then basically describes proper authority and how she doesn't want some random joe to just baptize her... the whole time I was just about dead because HOLY CRAP COOLEST MIRACLE EVER!  She's a single lady so the elder's couldn't have taught her, and she even said if 3 boys had come up she wouldn't have invited them in.  But since it was 3 girls she was more than willing to chat!!!  I just couldn't even believe my life at that moment.
But now I just need to work on actually believing in these people and being consistent and persistent with their progress in the gospel.  CINDY AND KAYLA PICKETT ARE GETTIN DUNKED you guys just wait. (not that i'm only in it for the dunking.  I want them to come unto christ and be perfected through him). They are so prepared.  And there a million people like them all over everywhere!!  God is truly preparing these people, we just need to find them!  And as we pray for that, WE WILL FREAKING FIND THEM!  
So yeah that was great.  God blesses us with many unplanned teaching opps as we work and pray and have faith.
DAD to anwswer your Q, our proselyting beings a 10 am.  Stils and I have been hounding the members for service opps because we don't have a lot going on between the hours of 10 and 4 on weekdays.  I actually just talked to my mission president in interviews about this and he said to get involved in service daily.  Get out in the community and let people see our faces and crap.  We do do a lot of tracting but it just isn't very effective because on one is really home.  Do your elders have places where they can contact?  Like a park or something?  or go to walmart and talk to people.  Use mormon.org's they're the perfect in.  or family history junk. That works too.  i'll think more on this.
I think we're getting our ipads in august and I'm pumped.  THAT'S GONNA BE SO SWAGGY.
So yeah, the work is slowish, but it's just okay.  We just gotta keep grinding and finding and boom things are gonna explode.  I know that.
I love everyone and I hope every just has a wonderful week!  

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