Tuesday, August 19, 2014


So I need to tell youuu!!!  RIGHT before I left Manchester like the Thursday before I left, Stils and I were on splits and I was with a laurel.  We stopped by this potential's house and of course they said go away... So I just saw this house and I was like... Yo we need to knock on this house.  So we did and the guy was totally open and I was able to teach him about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and we set a return appointment for the next Thursday.  THEN I GOT TRANSFERRED!!  Well sister stilson emailed me and said that he is super super progressing!!!  Like reading the book of mormon all the days and meeting with them twice a week.... gosh.  How cool.  HOW DUMB I LEAVE RIGHT WHEN SOMEONE GOLDEN WALKS IN MY LIFE.  Typical luck of me.  I'm not bumming but I am.  Whatever.

Anyway, I just think that's so cool.  At least I was able to leave Manchester with something.  

Soooo this week sounds pretty normal... I'll send all my perfect prayers Drew's way this week so he can pass his freakin test.  HEH guess what.  Today I cut BANGS in my hair and I won't send pics because I look dumb but my comp did it too.  How funny am I.  two little mormon girls with bangs in their hair.  I just get a kick out of myself.

hmmmm well this week is gonna be good because we are FINALLY going to the doctor for my comp's freaking foot.  She has this terrible situation where her feet are just a mess, like way worse than mine and she is finally gonna get to the doctor and figure what is up in the hood.  I am soo happy cause it's just not fun to be in pain i feel for the gurl.  I feel like this week I learned a life lesson that LIFE ISN'T JUST ABOUT ME and I just need to love my comp and cater to her needs.  I don't know I've just been in panic mode for the last while cause she has to do all this stuff that causes us to not be out working and I was legit panicking but then I just realized... It's okay.  Heavenly Father knows she needs this and I need to help her with this.  And so things are good.

OKAY I HAVE THE BEST NEWS IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSEEEE!  So we've been working with this returning less active, her name is Perris and I love her.  She's 24 and just dope.  She was in the marine corps for 4 years and has basically been inactive for the past 7 years of her life.  She has overcome so many things... it's insane how prominent the military is out here.  Everyone and their dog has served in the military.  And I just hear so many stories about it and I just can't help but find all these men and women who dedicate their life to the service of our country absolutely amazing.  The military AINT NO walk in the park.  It sounds like the hardest thing mentally, emotionally, physically... I just really admire these people.
Perris has just told us so many stories about it and all she's learned; but the literal MOUNTAINS she has had to climb choosing that path of life.  So many people are just so strong.  It's just inspiring.  
BUT ANYWAY, Perris.  We had a lesson with her this past week and I am not even gonna sugar coat it the spirit was just swelling inside me and sister jones and it was just bumpin spiritually wise.  We talked about so many things and by the end we asked perris what some of her goals could be to make her way towards the temple and she was like, "Well my mind's made up!  I'm gonna meet with bishop on sunday to discuss my steps I need to take!!"  WHAT i said.  I almost died.  So she talked to bishop and she taking the temple prep classes starting next week and SHE IS SET UP TO MAKE IT TO THE TEMPLE BY OCTOBER 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!  AND she wants us to come with her!!!  OH MY GOSH can you believe it there are actually people who aren't LAZY LOSERS who want to change their life and truly draw closer to Heavenly father and jesus christ and make covenants and progress!  PRAISE THE LORD!

I just think Perris is so cool.  She has overcome so much in her life and truly desires what her Heavenly Father has in store for her and is willing to sacrifice to get there.  

PEOPLE ARE SO COOL.  I get to meet cool people on my mission who change me and help me see life in a new way and who are just dope.  I love it.  I decided I like meeting new people and talking with them and learning what matters to them.  To hear what they think and not just what I think.  Too often I just get lost in my own world and what I think and what I want, when talking with other people about things opens my eyes, and helps me see things in a new light that i might like better than the light I saw when it was just me looking at it.  Did that make sense?  I didn't understand that before my mission.  I didn't understand a lot of things  before my mission.  I was so stupid before my mission i can't even believe it.  hahaha  I AM SO GLAD I CAME HERE.  Heavenly Father knew what he was doing; having me come here and all.  I didn't really know for a while if this really was the right path for me.  Even when I had been out a month or so I was still questioning it.  Freaking satan.  He makes us question everything.  But I really do know I am rightfully here and I am where heavenly father wants me to be.  It blows my mind to think about how much I have changed in the past 6 months.  I was reading my mtc journal a bit this past week and I was suchhhh a hater back then.  like emo missionary to the max.  I'm so happy with myself now.  I may be kinda fat and i have ugly bangs now and sometimes I say stupid things... But i'm a good person.  And i'm doing something that GOD, MY LITERAL HEAVENLY FATHER wants me to do.  And i'm changing in lots of good ways and I know my savior now more than ever, and i just love the church and the gospel.

this week lets all make sure we make time for our savior every day, cause he just rocks

xoxooxoxo sister van orden 

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