Tuesday, August 19, 2014

hehee not really cause I won't be having to be buckling up at all for the next 6 weeks at least because SISTER VAN ORDEN IS ON A BIKE!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahaha!!!!
I am so pumped I could die.  I need to be on a bike so I can stop getting fat.  That's one reason a bike is great.  BUT THERE ARE MANY.  NOTHING ON THIS SIDE OF THE UNIVERSE HAS MADE ME SO MAD AS WHEN WE SPEND HALF THE DAY IN THE FETCHING CAR.  On a bike you can literally stop and talk to everyone.  I just feel like I've died and went to mission heaven.  I want to be on a bike my whole freaking mission AND YOU CAN QUOTE ME ON THAT.

Okay so I am now in Garrisonville....somewhere in Stafford Virginia.... which is like 20 minutes outside of Fredricksburg.  My area is TEENY.  And it's split cause there are elders and sisters in the ward.  It's the smallest ward in the mission.  They call this place little Provo.  Don't worry, my mish pres assured us there are people to find and teach and baptize.  All I have to say is bring it on.

Literally I am just happy.  I like this whole being in a new area thing.  It's just a nice, refreshing, fresh start.

Before I forget, my address is:

412 West Park Dr.
Stafford, VA 22554

My companion is Sister Jones and she is like the biggest blessing.  She's been out for almost a year and is from denver.  Also I am in the same zone as my dearly beloved Sister Pew so I just died and went to heaven cause I get to see her all the time now.


Hmm..  So like I just feel like a new human this week.  This week it just kinda hit me that I really really like being a missionary.  Like I kinda love it.  And even though it's crazy awkward talking to every human I see and inviting them to be baptized.... It's what we do.  And I really really really like it and I never thought I'd be able to say that.  Like ever.  I remember my first few weeks in the mission are just thinking to myself HOW AM I GOING TO DO THIS FOR 18 MONTHS.  And now I just think, how could I not be doing this?

We were riding our bikes (hehe) out of our complex the other day and we passed by this teenage girl and Sister Jones just slammed on her brakes to talk to her.  We got chatting and she told us about how she didn't know if she believed in God... typical teenager in Virginia.  But we invited her to church and she said yes!  So we told her we'd come by Saturday to remind her.  On Saturday we went over, and her dad answered the door.  Julia (the girl we met) was in the shower so we talked to her dad for a while and told him about church and all that jazz and he was totally cool about letting her come.  He said they'd talk about it and he'd have her call us.  She text us later that day and told us she was comin!  We were freaking pumped.  So she came Sunday and stayed all three hours and LOVED it.  The ward reached out to her so much and showed so much love and I was just so proud of them.  She even stood up in the youth testimony meeting and thanked everyone for the kindness they showed.  So yeah now we are teaching her!!!!  AND THAT WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED IF WE HADN'T HAVE BEEN ON BIKES.  I HAVE RECEIVED REVELATION FOR THE CHURCH THAT WE NEED TO GET RID OF CARS PERIOD.  Just kidding but really.  Cars are dumb and missionaries should all ride bikes.

So yeah I just could literally rant about bikes for dayssss but I will try to control myself.

My comp is just a dream.  She loves to be bold and do crazy things because if you wanna see crazy results, you gotta do crazy things!!!  Am I right or am I right.  I just love her.  Finally someone who will back me up in craziness and she even is craziness.

um I don't really know what else to say.  Mom that sucks that you had another freaking seizure.  What is up with that crap?  Just remember to keep swimming!  God's gonna take care of you mama!  At least the whole fam got to see you in your seizure glory.  I'm sure that was just a little bit traumatic.

I'm just glad everyone is alive.  I just pray Heavenly Father keeps you guys safe and he's held up on his end so far so don't go doing anything stupid.  For the sake of my sanity just don't die (Grandma Della and Grandpa Ross). ;)

So anyway, I know God lives and I know he loves me and you and everyone.  I have been thinking so much lately about how our most important relationship is that of our relationship with Jesus Christ.  I think about my relationship with Jesus Christ.  He is just my man ya know!?  And I think about all these people around me and their relationship with Jesus Christ and how the message we share can strengthen that relationship with Jesus Christ insanely.
I just hope you guys are nourishing and strengthening your relationship with Jesus Christ every day.  In my prayers I find myself constantly asking that He just please won't let go of my hand.  But that's wrong; he never will let go of my hand, I'm the one who needs to keep holding on.


On Mon, A

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