Tuesday, August 19, 2014

HeYo what's up with the peeps!  I heard from Haden and Mom this week I'm thinking I'll start keeping a tally.
BIG week for VO's cause MOTHER IS FINALLY BEHIND THE WHEEL AGAIN!  Praise the Lord hallelujah.
Why are you guys going to St. George?  Are we being THAT family who lives in Vegas but goes back to STG all the time?  Hopefully mom and dad are still liking each other???? hahah
hmmm so yeah I heard from one of my investigators that Lebron is going back to Cleavland so I have been praying for Haden this week to stay strong.  He won't have his precious "big 3" anymore and the Heat won't win every title possible anymore.  So Haden are you staying a Heat fan or are you following Lebron?...
Today is my dear companion's birthday which is probably the most stressful thing.  Cause like she only has one birthday on her mission and it's up to ME to make is FAB-TASTIC!  So I have just been telling everyone to make her a cake so we will probs be eating like 3 different cakes today.  I am NOT so happy about that and neither are my ever growing love handles.
well, this week was good.  I (kindly-ish) told at our investigator Marcellius this week that if he isn't serious about reading the book of mormon to pack his bags.  And then this swaggy couple we took with us were like "yeah you need to either get serious or get out" and I was just so happy.  blahhhh sometimes (most of the time) I just don't know how to help people progress.  And then I remembered it's not my job to make them believe.  It's my job to teach them and guide them.  And even though Marcellius has been taught before and I think he's ready to be baptized doesn't mean HE thinks that, and this is his choice.  So yeah, I am learning that I can't make someone be prepared.  I was talking to one of the sister training leaders this week and we were talking about this and she said something to the extent of the Lord saying, "that's nice you're preparing so and so to hear the gospel, but here's someone I've prepared."  And when the Lord has prepared them, THAT'S WHEN THINGS GET REALLLL (at least that's what I've heard.....).
I went to Chippenham (downtown Richmond) on an exchange this week and it was so fun.  I got talking with like 4 different people and gave out 3 book of mormons and I JUST LOVE GOING THERE SO MUCH BECAUSE YOU CAN TALK TO SO MANY PEOPLE AND SPREAD THE GOSPEL SO MUCH EASIER THAN KNOCKING ON SOMEONE'S FREAKING DOOR!!!  It's fun because when we're there we just go to VCU campus and contact all the YSA's and most of them aren't living at home anymore so they are very open to learning about religions.  
We had a lesson with our hit and miss investigator from Ghana, he is so cool and basically taught us the plan of salvation.  He goes to three different churches every sunday and my comp totally threw it down and was like "yo steven this church has every single thing you're looking for."  It was so powerful.  
So i don't really know what else to say.  Oh we had a wayyy awkward thing happen at a lesson.  So we have this member coming with us to see our investigator skip the other morning and we get there and he's like... uhhhh I am about to eat brunch.  Can you come back in 20 minutes?  So we leave and I felt really bad but the member just went to the store, and we all came back in twenty minutes.  THEN skip said we couldn't sit in his living room cause his daughter's were watching a movie.  SO WE WALKED THROUGH THE WOODS, ALL FOUR OF US, TO THE LIBRARY AND WE SAT DOWN IN FRONT OF THE LIBRARY AND HAS A NICE LITTLE LESSON. hahahhaha it was so funny and awkward.  Definitely an experience I will never forget.  That member was a trooper.
Dad a couple other things you guys could do is start a splits calendar- two nights a week from like 7-8- pass a list around for two different members to sign up to go on splits with your elders.  We started that yesterday and tons of people signed up!  it was sweet.  And the elders just take the members out and do missionary work for an hour or so.
Also you guys could start a book of mormon study class one night a week at the church for investigators, members, anyone!  anyway, that's it.

and YES MOM IT IS SO HUMID HERE I AM DYING AND SO IS MY HAIR.  Oddly enough my face and especially my lips are (as uncle eddie from vegas vacation would say) dry as hell.
I just don't understand why people would chose to live here.
So that's all i got this week!  I hope you guys have a lovely week.  BE GOOD MEMBER MISSIONARIES.
I loveth you allllllll

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