Sunday, February 16, 2014

i hope you all are counting your blessings that I exercised my faith and didn't bomb the MTC today.  I definitely thought about it. 
I'd like to tell you a story that will probably bring a tear to your eye.
So, here's Sister Van Orden.  She enters the MTC two weeks ago, keeping her heart set on the fact that all she had to do was survive for two weeks and she was home free, done with the food that does her SO WRONG and into the rolling green hills and raunchy ghettos of Richmond, Virgina.  She not only endures, but endures well her two weeks at the MTC.  She learns all she can and now can confidently say she can role play with the best of them.  The day finally comes to leave and BOOM!  Flight is canceled and she has to do the walk of shame back to mtc to stay for two more days until her plane leaves Friday.  
Isn't that so sad.  
It's okay though, cause God and I have decided that he is teaching me that I need to not be a boob and complain so it's okay.  I got to go to the temple today and am going again tomorrow and I THINK i may survive and make it to VA friday.  The guy at the airport promised me so... that's gotta mean something.
ANYWAY i'll end my sob story i hope you aren't bawling too hard.
So flight plans......... i left them in my room hhehehe.  but we leave SLC around 9:45 i think and then we go to DETROIT (what up bring on the detroit ghetto) and then leave for richmond from detriot around 5, then get to richmond around 7.  I'd say i'll probably call in the morning but who knows.  I will call though.  pinky swear.  I'm thinkin i'll probably call in the morning.  cause we leave the mtc at 4:30 and our plane doesn't leave till 9, but we'll see.
There's 19 of us traveling together all the Richmond which is swaggy cause we'll probably convert the entire plane.  idk, i have faith.  I was thinking just barely how weird grandma and grandpa probably think i am cause I talk like a freaking wangster in my letters but i mean i gotta express my self somehow.  
Dad, i think that'd be DOPE if you did the half iron man.  That would be so hard but that would be so cool.  I believe dad!  I BELIEVE!  I set the goal that will help keep me from getting fat that i wanna run the STG marathon the october after i come home and my companion's gonna do it with me so that's sweet.  I refuse to come home fat.  I will not.  i cannot.  
I'm really doing good i hope you realize that my whole story at the beginning is sarcastic in a very real sense LOL.  I think the senior missionaries in richmond call you guys on friday night once i get there to let you know i'm safe so be alert for that.  maybe ill yank the phone from their hands and talk to you guys again.  I dunno just a thought.  
okay i don't know what else to say other than i am experiencing anxiety over the fact that I left my flight plans in the room so i can't give you exact times.  SORRY BOUT IT.
have a good week mi familia i love ya!

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