Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Abby's first email

what up fam!  
So yeah here I am emailing you on a Friday...which will be my pday for all my time  at the mtcizzle.  Ummm I don't really know what to say.... cause we all were supposed to write our fams yesterday a real letter so i said a bunch of stuff in there and i don't wanna be a story repeater....the mtc is weird cause i don't even hate it!  It's crazy.  I am always busy and tired but it's cool cause i feel like I am already starting to learn how to teach like a missionary should teach.  The food here really does suck hardcore and I may have an eating disorder once I leave haha JUST KIDDING but seriously I do eat a lot of salad and cereal and not much else.  yesterday i decided to eat a fajita, the first real food i ever ate that the mtc made me and i ate a couple bites then looked at the chicken and it had that repulsive membrane inside of it and i almost hurled so yeah that's my life.  It's good though i'm eating HEALTHY hehe.  I would send you guys pics i have taken but funny story i didn't know i had to charge my camera so it just died like ten minutes ago.  sorry bout it. 
So me and my companion Sister Ketchum who is like the greatest just got called as something I can't remember but it's like we are in charge of the girls in our district....?  I don't even know I'm just supposed to go to a bunch of meetings and then next week we take all the new missionaries in our branch on a tour of the campus and stuff which makes me nervous cause I have no idea how to navigate this place.  So yeah it's fun here I love the girls in my district (we have an all girls district) and our teachers are friggin dope.  I just can't believe it doesn't suck here.  we just got back from going to the temple and i may have been fighting for my life to stay awake during the session.   I AM SO TIRED i wake up at 5:45 to go to work out classes with my companion until 6:30 and then we go go go all day until 9:3 0 and then lights out at 10:30.  
Hope you guys aren't too depressed that your favorite child and sibling is now gone but don't worry my branch president promised all of us we are the safest we can be on a mission and that the Lord will take care of us and you.  We had a meeting with our branch president last night and met him and all that jazz so that was cool, his last name is Stice, he's dope.  The stuff I am learning here is so different than i expected, it's hard to learn how to just teach by the spirit but  I'm STARTING to get the hang of it.  Today we teach our first investigator and i am freakin my freak also today we have a service project at 3:30 and everyone says they suck so yeah super stokkkked.  We also have 6 hours of class everyday and it kinda goes by a lot faster than school but still.  it's a completely different life I've just stepped in to and most of the time i double take and i'm like "what the freak am i doing here" ha but it's okay.  someday i'll get used to the fact that i'm on a mission.
I feel like i have so much more to say but I can't really remember anything else..... I do miss you guys but i just have learned that i can't really think about my life before my mission began and that makes being here seem great.  Except sometimes the mind can be a hard one to control so if i ever catch myself wandering i have to life punch myself in the face and then maybe one day i will train myself well enough so i can have full control of my weird mind.  One of my teachers knows mason so thats awkward she's like in his ward.... and she always talks to me about him but she's awesome and a great teacher ha.  maybe mason could marry her except she has kinda weird hair.  well i hope you all have a happy week and go 100% all the time don't be 90%ers HAHA I'll go 100% here too.  I love all ya very muchly and I will talk to you next week!  DAD i would appreciate you sending me your personal email cause yeah and anyway TTYL
OH MOM in my letter i sent it has a note from joyce jensen  that i forgot to give you so pls send her my address.  thanks youre a gem 
It would be evil of me to say see you in eighteen haha so i won't say that!  Welp okay bye now!  

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