Saturday, February 8, 2014

so hey errybody,
dad told me to write the family email to mom's email now so this is me being obedient.  cause that's all my life is about now....obedience.  hehe.  This week was literally the weirdest week of my life.  Lots of downs with some really blessed ups.  The mtc sucks cause it makes you feel like you don't even have a testimony and then you are depressed and then something happens and you realize your testimony is stronger than ever.  I got real blessed here with the best zone, the elders are so nice to us and they have become some of my best pals.  The sisters in my district are amazing, one of them has been sick this week and it's been really frustrating because she just wants to lay in bed, but her companion has to stay with her and it just stresses me out cause I can't just like scream at her like i scream at cole haha i am learning patience.  Like i love her and i feel so bad that she doesn't feel good, but sometimes you just have to put on your big girl pants and be strong.  She's doing better today though.  It's a blessing the be a sister training leader though, i figured out that's kind of my element.  I don't like to be ministered to... haha i like it much more when i can minister to people.  Sister Ketchum and I are alike in that.  We are really twins and I love her so much.
I cried real tears when i got your package i cry every time i get mail.... I think I've cried more this week at the MTC than i ever have in my whole life.  I don't know why.  It's so awkward.  BUT YEAH THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE IT WAS THE BEST and all the sisters in my district were freaking their freak about the cake.  Like we loved it.  You guys are da besssst.  I also sent my camera home, it hasn't been focusing at all so i sent it home and i figured you could just take it back to costco and it'd be okay.  There's so pics on there so check em out, i don't even look fat cause all i eat here is salad and cereal and bananas.  
I have really gained a real testimony that god listens to my prayers this week... last weekend was pretty hard for me and I was able to talk to my branch president and he helped me feel a lot of peace and I just never knew how much other people can help you in this life.  We need to let other people help us which is a lesson i think i'll be learning forever but God gives us people in our lives so we can bless then, but they really can bless us too.  I've learned to place my trust in God and in the people he's given me, because if it's just me against satan i'll never win.  I just really feel like that was a blessing.  God teaches me a lot everyday and learning to teach by the spirit is pretty hard but you know someday i'll get the hang of it.
I think it's awkward that you'll post these to a blog but whatever i feel like my letters are kinda weird haha hopefully people don't think i'm a psycho.  
SO MOM YOUR NEW CALLING waaadddup counselor in the primary!!  that's awesome seriously that is your element and probably so fun, i'm pumped for you.  I'm proud of Haden for stepping up and driving you around, tell him to chill, he won't get in a wreck cause everyday here i pray that you guys wont get in car wrecks and i'm a missionary so it's like.... it's a done deal.  haha but seriously proud of haden keep killin it in vball so when i come home i can watch you wreck shiz on the court.  And also proud of my man cole keep ballin on the court and just make those kids know who's the boss around this town (you).  
I leave the MTCizzle wednesday morning at 3:30 am and I'M ONLY A LITTLE EXCITED.  We leave SLC at 7:10 and then go to Atlanta.... then fly to VA.  I think i get to call you, which I'm way pumped about but i don't really know what time i'll call you.  Either wayyyyyy early in the morning or when i get to atlanta.  I'll call mom's phone... i'll just assume you want to talk to me hehe so plan on a call.  This week was just a growing experience for me, which is good.  I need those.  We learn in the hard times.  My teachers teach me a lot but I really am ready to go i think i'm going to flip out if i have to do another roll play but I know i will so i might as well learn to love it.  I'm pumped to freakin go to Virginia but i'm really freakin scared but it's gonna be okay.  I'll get the hang of the mission someday i think.  OH i wanted to tell you guys I want you to check up with me every week on my BOM reading.  My branch president talked to me about how he read the book of mormon every month for a year and I wanna do that.  so i read 18 pages a day and every week in your email check up on me and i will report.  It'll be good motivation for me.  
That'll be fun to have drew and karly in vegas have fun and eat some good food for me i miss that ish.  so bad.  We're goin to the temple today and I INSISTED on eating in the temply cafeteria to escape my nightmare MTC food.  I always think of things i wanna say to you guys in emails throughout the week but i always forget... so i'll need to start writing those down.  anyway, love you cats, make sure mom doesn't murder tiffy and remember that i think you guys are some pretty cool peeps.  Tell the grandparents i love them as well.  okay that's all.  Thanks for all the letter love, it was nice to have a little taste of real life this week ha.  tell haden and cole to write me letters and cole thank you for the snowman i will keep it forever.  and your note is still on the front of my journal and i look at it every night and it makes my day.
ps. dad. your dear elder couldn't have come on a better day.  luv u.
best regards,
sister van orden

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