Sunday, March 16, 2014

veryone neeeds to thank their lucky stars cause I MADE IT A WHOLE MONTH ON MY MISSION and didn't even come home.  Wow never thought I'd see the day.
So this week was like.... yeah.
There were no clowns involved so yeah, blessings all around.
This week i experienced a lot of "so that's what it's like" moments.  You know what i mean?  For example Sister Newell and I were planning the other night and we were saying our prayer to end and she starts asking where we should go to tract and after the prayer we both had the same idea of what place we should go to and it was just cool.  before my mish i never really felt like I knew when Heavenly Father was answering my prayers.  My mish has already taught me so much about recognizing that.  i just think it's dope.
We had 2 really good lessons with our investigator michele this week, and on Saturday night after a lesson she agreed to come to church.  And we were so pumped and yep you guessed it she didn't show up.  It's okay though, she'll come next week.  RIGHT? 
We did a lot of tracting this week and saw very little progess.  It's kind of annoying. I WOULD HOPE that if i wasn't a mormon i would at least have the kindness in my heart to listen to two teenage girls who go around sharing what they believe all day errryyyday.  plus the message we're sharing is TRUE so i don't know maybe you should LISTEN bleeehhgg.
Times of drought just mean the rain is on its way.  that's what sister newell tells me.  and she knows everything.  hahah
The people of Virginia are seriously SO DIFFERENT from peeps on the west.  Like i don't know what it is but they are just a different breed out here. 
It snowed yesterday so we were confined to our apartment so that's why i didn't email.  When it snows the whole town literally shuts down.  It's pretty funny.
I don't really know what else to say....... my life is one big awkward moment which is great it keeps us laughing all the time. 
That's cool that you got to go to the symphany thing.  That sounds way cool.  Can't BELIEVE cole didn't go and drew didn't drive down for the occasion.  Literally so shocking.
So this family in the ward, the Cahills (they're the ones who took us out to eat and then had us over again and made us salmon) ahh i love them but anyway.  It's a husband and wife, they're like 50 and their kids are all moved out but his mom lives with them, she's like 70 and she is so funny i love her, but she isn't a member.  So she is like baptist i think and has never been willing to talk with them about the church.  BUT sister newell and I have been "practice teaching" them (really teaching her) and she is listening and being responsive and it's just SWEEEET cause i can just see it in her eyes that it's all starting to make sense to her.  Also I'm learning a lot from it because they ask a lot of hard questions and we study it and also talk about it with them so i am learning a lot about backing everything up with scripture and meanings of verses in the bible.. i think that this experience is something that i will be able to use my whole mission so i just find it such a blessing and so awesome.
We also visit a lot of less active old ladies who have completely let themselves go.  Some people have really sad lives.  yeesh.
Okay love you all have the best week in the history of forever!

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