Sunday, March 16, 2014

WELL can we all just lay down and praise the lord HADEN VAN ORDEN IS A PALO VERDE VOLLEYBALL STARRRRRR.
can't tell you how excited i got when i read that fabulous news.  Congrats to hain.
ALSO biggest news of the letter this week is MOM bought the freakin eye shadow holy crap i'm almost sure hell froze over SHE FINALLY BOUGHT IT!  So happy for you mom you finally bit the bullet and made the big purchase.  
to answer the boiling question of transportation-
yes we have a car and sister newell is the driver.  I literally laughed out loud the first time i had to back her.  Dad, you were right.  I literally have to stand outside the car and watch every time we need to go in reverse.  It's ridiculous.  But yeah our car is nice.  We don't have a GPS so i had to learn how to read a map REALLY quickly.  Not to mention virginia has no grid system.  all the roads have a mind of their own.  I never know whats going on but somehow we make it to people's houses alive everyday.  I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES.
sooooo sister newell and I did a very unhealthy amount of tracting this week.  wow how i love to tract.  We just have a very dry pool of investigators lately and have been doing everything we can to find.  someday we'll see the fruits of the labors i hope.  tracting is so funny because every single door without fail i have a meltdown right before but then it's okay i calm down and can talk to the people.  no one wants to listen though cause "they have their church they go to their baptist church and they know jesus christ is their savior blah blah blah" so annoying.  I do think tracting is good it shows God we are willing to work hard but i'm not sure it's the most effective thing to be doing.  oh well we do all we can and god will provide am i right?!
Anyway so we did a shiz ton of that this week.  We also had some good lessons with our three (*tears*) investigators.  The problem is none of them really are interested in keeping their commitments.... they just like me and sister newell and the spirit we bring.  So i have a feeling getting them to progress is definitely going to be a process.
One of my favorite parts of this week was we did a couple lessons centered on Joseph Smith.  I love Joseph Smith.  We watched the restoration movie with the Cahill's (the ones we are "practice teaching") which was swell but we also taught a less active about Joseph Smith.  Her name is Cherry and she has chemical sensitivity so every time we go visit her we have to wash our clothes with special soap and wash our hair with special shampoo and use this certain kind of deoderant ya know the whole shabang.  she's a sweetheart but was one of those who was converted to the missionaries, not the gospel.  She didn't even remember the joseph smith story so we started from square one.  It was just the best to teach that lesson.  We memorized the first vision and I QUOTED IT TO HER (hehe) and the spirit just is so strong when you recite those words.  We got to talk about his whole life and read some awesome scriptures from D&C and it was just a really good moment.  It was fun to teach a less active about it cause they understand he was a prophet and that we don't worship him and all that jazz so we didn't have to worry about that.
WORLDS MOST WEIRDEST THING THAT I KEEP FORGETTING TO TELL YOU ABOUT: I am allergic to that EOS chapstic mom bought me for christmas.  My lips have been a very sad story the last month and a half.  Like they were so chapped and peeling every minute and i had big sores on the corners of my mouth that would open up and bleed every time i opened my mouth.... so i just kept putting on more of that eos chapstick but they just kept getting worse!  finally sister newell made me buy some burts bees and my lips have been so much better.  I talked to this lady about it and she also had me buy some cold sore cream which is kinda helping.  The weirdest experience. At first when i talked to the lady about what was going on she thought i had herpes.  I was like.... um.  no.
DAD- could you please send the stuff about my blessing from president parker.  I would appreciate that very much.  Also so happy for you and your new bike.  I bet you two will make the cutest couple.  keep killin it in your ironman training.  It's pretty hardcore!
I HAVE FAITH that next week when i write you i will have miracle stories to tell you about new investigators we have found.  just you wait.
Things are good here in good ol virginia though.  still cold but getting warmer.  my jacket is the bomb mom.  I am in love with it.
OKKAYYY everyone have a blessed week and Cole i hope you know that mom and dad love haden more than they love you.  I also wish you the best of luck at the dentist aka hell.  i hate the freaking dentist.  make sure to get the gas.  that's the only thing that makes it bearable.  And haden good luck with your tournament go our there and kill it in your new duds!  and mom i need to go to the mall too but mission rules are literally psycho and even though there is a DOPE mall in richmond "we can't go there because it's out of our area" blah blah blah stupid.  I hope you get to go the mall soon.  Live it up for the both of us. hahaaaa
okay love you all and i am pledging right this instant to never say the word "y'all" like everyone in Virginia does.  okay have fun byeee

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